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Protective Packaging

Finding the proper balance between right sized cartons and Protective Packaging solutions can be challenging. A Hughes certified packaging consultant is available to provide you with the answer.

Product Details

Hughes primarily recommends three different types of Protective Packaging:

  • Air Bags: Systems deliver air-filled cushions on demand
  • Bubble Wrap: Offers an alternative to loose fill
  • Paper: Perfect for sharp products, having small voids or if you are promoting an environmental image

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Types of Protective Packaging

  • Air Bag systems deliver air-filled cushions on demand
  • Ideal for workstation or on-line applications
  • Provide excellent protection and efficient void fill while reducing material and shipping costs
  • Can be produced in a wide range of sizes
  • Versatile, On-Demand Air Bag Packaging
  • Saves Valuable Warehouse Space
  • Fast and Easy To Use
  • Clean, Professional-Looking Packages
  • Outstanding, Lightweight Protection
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  • Offers an alternative to loose fill
  • Allows for transparent product identification
  • Lightweight
  • Clean
  • Flexible cushioning
  • When packaging products that are sharp, are less freight sensitive, having small voids or if you are promoting an environmental image, paper packing is the choice for you

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Hughes Enterprises offers 24/7 on-site maintenance and support services, so you never have to wonder who to call when downtime strikes. Whether you’re looking for installation assistance, routine maintenance or emergency support, reach out to discuss your needs with a factory certified support technician.

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