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Food & Beverage

Security is top-of-mind more than ever in the food and beverage packaging industry.

Food and beverage manufacturers around the world are looking for packaging that pops while still being concerned with tampering and traceability.

We know…we’re living it with you here at Hughes Enterprises.

As one of the area’s leading shipping and packaging companies, we constantly reinvest in our team’s ability to keep our food and beverage customers informed of the latest innovations designed to increase security and innovate both exterior and shelf ready packaging.

Whether it’s installing NEMA 4 enclosures to protect wiring, offering stainless steel wash down equipment, providing solutions for upstacking and downstacking or presenting the latest alternatives in ink jet coating and corner labeling systems, the Hughes team is focused on helping you get product to market faster, safer and more cost-effectively.

For more information on our shipping and packaging solutions for our food and beverage customers, contact us today!