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End-of-Line Distribution Packaging

The challenge

When it comes to getting your customers what they ordered when they need it, we know it’s all about time and turnarounds. We’ve helped support distribution centers throughout the country as they work to reduce labor costs, streamline their operations and manage supply chain logistics.

Our packaging equipment and consumables help address some of the most common challenges faced by the distribution industry:

  • Deliver aesthetically pleasing end-products
  • Identify “right size” automation
  • Increase package stability and protection
  • Provide compact, space-saving solutions
  • Rationalize SKUs
  • Reduce touchpoints
  • Save on shipping and labor costs

The needs of your customers change in real-time, and you need a shipping and packaging partner that can keep up. Stay ahead of changing demands with leading-edge technology and innovative systems from Hughes Enterprises.

Custom solutions for distribution packaging

Whether you need to reduce floor space, cut material costs or do more with a reduced labor pool, Hughes can help your shipping and packaging operation succeed. We’ve increased productivity and saved thousands of dollars for our distribution center customers through automated packaging systems, case erectors and I-Pack systems, plus all the supplies you need for safe and efficient shipping.

Contact us today to discuss how Hughes Enterprises can help support your distribution company.

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