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Trends. Fashion. Fast pace. Quick change. That’s life in the cosmetics industry.

Timing product life cycles—the rapid and constant change of product descriptions, labels, inner and outer packaging. The never ending challenge to continually upgrade methods to ensure safe transport from Point A to Point B. It’s never dull, is it?

We know because we’re living it with you.

In working with us, you’ll come to realize that our team works just as hard as you do, constantly scanning business news, trade journals, and other sources to identify emerging technologies along with improvise innovations that have worked elsewhere, and create entirely new shipping and packaging solutions for the cosmetics industry designed for your real-time situations.

Whether it’s a new application for the Combi Ergopack, an immediate need for the Sealed Air Ulitpack and I-pack; testing clamshell packaging for multiple-product packs in one master carton; or consultation on which case labeling innovations are going to deliver the best ROI, Hughes is the expert cosmetics manufacturers and marketers call on to support their dynamic shipping and packaging distribution environments.

For more information on our shipping and packaging solutions for our Cosmetics customers, contact us today!