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A Fashionable Success Study: Chanel

Much to their customers chagrin, fashion leader Chanel used flowable materials for void fill for many years. The problems caused by this included:

  • High volumes of small item loss, e.g., lipstick getting dumped out with the flowable.
  • Severe dusting throughout the distribution area from the flowable being blown through the ductwork.
  • Excessive noise from the blower motors.

At a rate of five trailers a week, the flowable materials void fill was an expensive, unpopular option. Though they tried alternatives including competitive inflatable systems, nothing met all of their needs.

Hughes Enterprises suggested Chanel install a trial Storopack Void Fill system on one of their packaging lines.

Hughes came in lower than flowable materials on cost per packaging. Though there was the expected decrease in throughput during the training period, once the Chanel workers were up to speed, the throughput was equal to that of flowable, at a reduced cost.

Noise and dusting associated with flowable were eliminated, small items’ loss was dramatically reduced, and Chanel replaced its other flowable systems with Hughes’ Storopack void fill solution.

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