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McDonald Phoenix E1 Electric Water-Activated Tape Dispenser

Phoenix Tape Dispensers deliver water activated tape with a smooth precise feed reducing cost in your shipping department.

Product Details

The best seal for your shipping cartons is water activated tape (Kraft tape, gummed tape) to create a seal that is reliable against tampering or theft. Phoenix Tape Machines seal in any environment; extreme cold, humidity or dust.

The Phoenix E-1 Evolutuion feeds, moistens and cuts tape to the desired measurement for your box reducing labor and maximizing efficiency.

The Phoenix E-1 Evolution is an absolute workhorse with the added functionality of on-demand printing. With features like front-mounted keypad, self oiling cutter, thermostat controllable heater and a uniform three brush moistening system. The Phoenix E-1 Evolution is ideal for most packaging applications. The continuous bottom edge crimp gives stability. The tape delivery system delivers tape with a smooth precise feed. Utility top is great for those easily misplaced items like markers, pens, carton knives, handstamps etc.

With the Evolution Series – On-demand printing gives your shipping department the ability to add key information or branding to any package at the touch of a button. For the ultimate in security fully customizable at the touch of a button. Prints single or double lines of code, ideal for date coding, batch identification, packer information, customer part and purchase order information.

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  • Custom Branding
  • Better Tracking
  • Efficient Shipping Communication
  • With traditional plastic or pressure sensitive tapes, shippers may use 4 to 6 pieces, water activated tape requires one piece of tape on each side of your box.  
  • Water Activated Kraft Tape increase efficiency by reducing material and damaged boxes that lead to returns.
  • The tape delivery system delivers evenly moistened tape with a smooth precise feed every time so you can guarantee a professional sealed package.

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