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Water Activated / Gum Tape Dispensers

We offer a wide variety of Water Activated and Gum Tape Dispenser to fulfill your packaging and shipping needs. Along with the equipment we stock all supplies needed to run your Gum Tape dispenser.


No matter what your application entails, Hughes can offer a rugged and reliable gum tape machine to secure your packages. Our manual machines have 15 preset lengths and get dispensed as the operator pulls a lever. Manual machines are suggested if you are doing less than 100 cases per shift. If you are doing more than 100 cases, we have electronic machines that can operate at speeds of 45 inches of tape per second. Electronic machines are meant for high volume, rapid shipping environments. Whether you select a manual or electronic gum tape dispenser from Hughes you can be assured that they will be accurate and eliminate down time with their dependability.

Benefits of Water Activated Tape

Water activated tape (WAT) can offer a series of improvements over regular pressure sensitive tape. You should be using water activated tape if you experience any of the following problems: pilferage, repetitive motion injuries, packaging in extreme environments, or are looking to recycle your carton sealing tape. Water activated tape can solve all of these issues. It is tamper-evident so it prevents theft and is fully recyclable and can be used in dusty, dirty, hot or cold environments.

Research the different options of gum tape dispensers below or contact a Hughes Sales Representative to learn how switching to water activated tape can save you money.