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Add efficiency and quality to your end-of-line packaging system with custom tray formers from Hughes Enterprises. We partner with Combi and IPAK to offer a variety of fully automatic tray formers, delivering some of the most consistent and reliable equipment in the industry.

Unlock unlimited tray forming solutions

Our tray formers are built with a focus on durability and designed for high-speed, around-the-clock operations. Integrate our custom tray formers into your packaging line and experience the benefits of increased throughput, reduced downtime and lower overall packaging costs.

We’ve worked in nearly every industry with nearly every requirement; give us a call at (609) 586-7200 or request a tray former quote online.

Fully Automatic Tray Forming Machines

Powerful tray forming machines for high-volume packaging lines

Manufacturers we stand behind

Our team has years of experience selling and maintaining Combi and IPak tray formers. Count on Hughes Enterprises at every step of the process: from selection to integration to installation. We’ll help you select the best packaging equipment for your needs.

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From the time of purchase through the lifetime of your tray forming machine, Hughes Enterprises offers 24/7 maintenance and support. Never worry about unnecessary interruptions; we make sure your operations run as smoothly as possible, and offer assistance when downtime strikes.

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