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Sealed Air Fill-Air Cyclone Inflatable Protective Packaging System

The Fill-Air Cyclone® inflatable packaging system saves very valuable floor space while meeting the most challenging high speed requirements.

Product Details

With the Sealed Air Fill-Air Cyclone, you will get Responsible Packaging. Material inflates on-site taking up a fraction of the truck space needed to ship conventional packaging materials and reducing the transportation impact.

The system is ready to use straight from the carton – simply plug in and load the film to begin. No shop air is required!

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  • Versatile – Use on demand in decentralized tabletop environments or online for increased efficiency
  • Film Offering – Available in four widths with the option of two film lengths, creating eight possible cushion sizes
  • Saves Warehouse Space – Compact footprint is ideal for tabletop placement at a pack station

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