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Protective Packaging Equipment

Hughes Enterprises is aligned with all of the top void fill equipment manufacturers in the industry. Between paper, air pillows and bubble on-demand, we have a solution for any application.


Paper void fill equipment is cost-effective way to protect your products. Our different machines create different shaped paper padding that gets inserted into your cases. The machines dispense the paper padding on demand so the operator simply needs to pull the piece of padding down and into the case. We have machines that can handle and variance of products. We have light papers that can protect smaller fragile products but we also have heavy paper that can keep heavier products in place.

Air Pillows

Hughes has a large selection of different inflatable air pillow systems that will produce air filled films on demand. Air pillows will save on space and labor since they are much smaller before they are inflated. Air pillows provide a soft cushion for your products to assure there is no damage during the shipping process. Another benefit of air pillows is their transparency, many people find it useful to be able to see the contents of the package through the void fill.

Bubble on Demand

Bubble on demand machines can be used in pretty much any application. It provides a versatile product that will absorb shock and cushion your product to prevent shipping damage. Our equipment is capable of dispensing different size and strength bubbles on demand.

To learn more about our different protective packaging equipment click on the links below. Also, if you need to know more about which void fill solution would be best for your application contact a Hughes Sales Representative.