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XI Series Industrial Printers

The Zebra Xi Series Industrial Printers are designed for applications that have high-volume and rough conditions. Rely on the consistent, high quality printing that is sure to increase your shipping or stocking productivity. 

Product Details

The Xi series specializes in printing crisp text and barcodes for precise recognition. All of the Xi printers are constructed with all metal parts ensuring durability in harsh environments.

Zebra Xi series is built-to-last. With high throughput, consistency and durability the cost of ownership is extremely low. The Xi series makes for a great investment in high quantity printing applications. With fast Ethernet connection and quick print speeds these Industrial printers will be able to keep up with any printing operations.

All Xi series printers come equipped with early detection warning systems to seed out problems and reduce downtime. A customizable menu on the LCD screen allows for the printer to quickly integrate.


  • 4” to 9” print width
  • Up to 14” per second print speed
  • 203 dpi resolution
  • LCD screen

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