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Hand Held and Table Mounted Equipment

Hughes is happy to offer a wide variety of innovative and cost effective handheld and table mounted packaging tools to help you increase efficiency around your warehouse.

Twist Tie

Hughes uses the latest technology to simplify the twist tie process. Twist tying bags by hand can be a strenuous task for your warehouse workers but an automatic twist tie machine will increase production exponentially. All of our twist tie machines are reliable and simple so you will rarely have any down time.

Bag Openers

Opening poly bags by hand is a strenuous task. Your workers could be wasting time trying to open bags, when they could be fulfilling orders. Our bag openers are simple machines that will easily open your bags and allow the product to be slid right in. The bag openers are durable and very reliable.


Hughes has a wide range of many types of dispensers. These machines can easily and accurate dispense either labels or tape. These machines are pressure sensitive so they can dispense definitely length tape with programmed dimensions. Worker productivity will sky rocket when they don’t have to waste time trying to get tape or labels off of a roll by hand.

Check Weighers

When quality assurance is important to you and your products and packages need to be precise, it makes sense to rely on the most accurate warehouse weighing systems in the industry. With one of these machines you can be assured that all of your packages will be exactly the weight you need them to be.

Check out our different systems below or contact a Hughes Sales Representative for more options to increase your warehouse productivity.