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Hand-Held and Tabletop Packaging Equipment

We offer a wide variety of innovative and cost effective hand-held and table-mounted packaging tools to help you increase efficiency around your warehouse. They are all durable and reliable, which reduces the likeliness of downtime.

Incorporating a handheld packaging tool can help simplify the twist tie process. Twist tying bags by hand can be a painstaking task for your warehouse workers, but an automatic twist tie machine will exponentially increase production.

Another strenuous task is opening poly bags by hand. Your workers could be wasting time trying to open bags, when they could be fulfilling orders. Our bag openers are simple tabletop packaging machines that will easily open your bags so the product can slide right in.

Finally, stop wasting time trying to get tape or labels off a roll by hand. Our wide range of label dispensers easily and accurately dispense either labels or tape. These machines are pressure sensitive, so you can dispense the exact length of tape needed.

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Twist Tie Machine

Simplify the twist tie process with the latest technology

Wicketed Bag Openers

Add a wicketed bag opener to your packaging line to efficiently open poly bags

Label Dispensers

Easily and accurately dispense labels and tape

Manufacturers we stand behind

Hughes Enterprises offers twist tie machinery, wicketed bag openers and label dispensers from Tach-It, an industry leader in hand-held and tabletop packaging machines.

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