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Automated Packaging Systems

Keep up with emerging packaging trends and stay ahead of the competition. Automated packaging systems from leading manufacturer, Sealed Air, help you lower shipping rates, streamline operations and reduce labor costs – so you’re always ready for what’s next. Not only do these innovative systems get shipments out the door more quickly; they get products into your customers’ hands more efficiently, securely and with less waste.

Minimize costs without sacrificing productivity

Sealed Air’s fully-integrated, end-of-line solutions are designed to help you dramatically shorten the packaging process, while maximizing labor efficiency. For help selecting the right equipment to meet your operational needs, contact the Hughes Enterprises team at (609) 586-7200 or request an online quote today.

Fully-automated packaging systems for fulfillment applications

A trusted global manufacturer

Rely on the experienced packaging consultants at Hughes Enterprises – a proud distributor of Sealed Air –  to select the optimal end-of-line solution for your business. Sealed Air is committed to delivering quality outcomes that create outstanding value for customers.

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Remote repair support

In addition to the 24/7, lifetime maintenance and support you get from Hughes Enterprises, the I-Pack and Ultipack systems from Sealed Air feature PakFormance™ remote repair for quick detection and fast and easy service.

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