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Clean Removal Bundling System

Hughes Enterprises offer you access to the all-new 3M Multipack solution. The Multipack solution is a combination of 3M Scotch Clean Removal Multipack Tape along with CEFMA machinery.

3M Scotch Clean Removal Multipack Tape

The 3M Scotch Clean Removal Multipack Tape puts a focus on securing bundles of products without damaging the packaging when removed. By bundling your products with clean removal tape you can be assured that you will be saving money on secondary packaging weight while also keeping your products safe. The tape was also designed to be displayed. You will be capable to print high quality, 8 color images and messages to display your brand and promote your items when they are on the shelf.

CEFMA Machinery

Hughes offers CEFMA Machinery that will effectively apply your 3M Scotch Clean Removal Multipack Tape to complete the Multipack Solution. We have a range of different machines that operate at different speeds to bundle your products at an optimal rate. We can go from 12 bundles per minute all the way up to 45 bundles per minute. The machines range from a semi-automatic, manually loaded systems to fully automatic, self-loading machines. Depending on the size of your product and the number of products you want in your bundle, our sales representatives can work with you to figure out the most appropriate piece of machinery for your application.

Bundling solutions help reduce package weight and cost. Work with a Hughes Sales Representative to discover how the Mutipack Solution can help your packaging operations.