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Case Packing

Hughes has access to a variety of different case packing solutions manufactured by Combi. Whether your application calls for top-load, side-load, or drop packing, we have a solution for you. We have the capabilities to automatically pack anything from large cases and pallets all the way down to small flexible bags.

Unlimited Features

The range of case packing systems that we offer is virtually limitless. We can satisfy anything from the simplest of needs, such as basic hand packing stations, to the most complex applications, such as robotic arms that can load a pallet. By adjusting the inflow configuration we can set up the case packer to produce the optimal amount of throughput for your packaging line. Our case packers can easily be integrated into your current packaging line and work effortlessly along with any case erectors and case sealers. Safety, as with of our machinery, is built into the design of the Combi case packers. All of the packers come equipped with safety features all around to ensure there are no injuries.


The benefits that come with a case packer are endless. Packing with automation is much quicker and more efficient than packing by hand. Installing case packing equipment will increase your throughput and decrease your labor costs. A Hughes Sales Representative can help you by running comprehensive reports that will outline how switching to a case packer will increase your productivity. You will instantly see how a case packer will improve your packaging line and produce a quick ROI.

Find out which case packing solution is correct for you by clicking below or contacting a Hughes Sales Representative.