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Case Measuring System

Hughes Enterprises offers a variety of Case Measuring Systems. Each one can fulfill certain needs to accurately measure and weigh stationary items. Cubiscan systems from Hughes will keep you constantly prepared to ship your packages.

Cubiscan Case Measuring Systems 

Hughes offers the top of the line case measurement and weighing equipment in Cubiscan. Our product line ranges from small, battery-powered workstations that can be moved around your warehouse to large pallet dimensioning systems. The smallest case measuring system we offer is portable and can be set up on any table. The largest system we offer has the ability to be mounted to the ceiling to measure large pallets from above. So, whether you have tiny boxes or large pallets we have a scanning system that will measure and weigh your packages. Our case measuring equipment has the ability to measure irregular shaped packages as well. Along with the static case measuring equipment we also offer systems that integrate right onto your conveyors. The in-motion models of the Cubiscan equipment measures your shipments as they fly by on your packaging line. This allows for minimal labor and maximum efficiency.

Customized Software

Along with the Cubiscan system comes options for different softwares that apply directly to your unique operations. Our variety of customizable software can be modified so that it provides the maximum value to your shipping process.
The ability to have a specialized case measuring system along with a customized software allows for a streamlined and accurate shipping process. Contact a Hughes Sales Representative today to see how we can customize case measuring equipment to fulfill your needs.