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Case Labeling

Hughes Enterprises offers a variety of Case Labeling solutions. When it comes to case labeling, Hughes can supply case label printing applicators, bar coding machines, laser marking equipment, peripherals, supplies and service.

Best in the Industry

ID Technology, a division of Pro Mach, is a fast growing national provider with a wide range of case labeling products and services. Coupled with experienced and knowledgeable product specialists, ID Technology can satisfy all your product identification requirements. Hughes Enterprises, along with ID Technology’s nationwide sales and service facilities, provide responsive ongoing service tailored to our customer’s individual needs.

Fulfilling All Labeling Needs

Hughes, through ID Technology, has a vast range of case labeling applications. From, simple semi-automatic label applicators to high speed label printer applicators, we have a product line that will satisfy your labeling needs. High-tech label printer applicators have the capability to print custom designs and apply the freshly printed label to your products all in one piece of equipment. We also offer laser coding systems that will print straight onto your cartons or other products without the need for a label. Our inkjet printers from Code Tech come in hand held models, so you can choose where you want to mark your product. They also come mounted to your packaging line so they will print seamlessly as the product is coming by. No matter what the application you can be assured that Hughes can offer a case labeling system that will be consistent and problem-free.


Hughes Enterprises not only offers the equipment to label your cases but also any supplies you will need to run your system. We carry a variety of labels in stock and also have to capability to provide customized labels. Along with labels we can offer thermal transfer ribbons for the printer, ink for the laser coding machines and any other commodities you may need.

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