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Combi 2-EZ HS Fully Automatic Case Erector

Don’t let case erecting slow you down. Increase the productivity of your end-of-line packaging with the reliable Combi 2-EZ HS. Opening up to 20 cases per minute, this high-speed case forming machine offers the efficiency you need you need to keep your operations moving.

The ergonomic, stainless steel design offers lasting durability, all with a lifetime warranty unmatched by other models in its class. Available performance features include Combi’s EZ-load walk-in case magazine and tool-less changeovers in less than three minutes. Not to mention the EZ side belt drive, built to form and seal cases from single wall to triple wall corrugated.

Request a quote to learn how the Combi 2-EZ HS Fully Automatic Case Erector can help improve your packaging system. Give us a call at (609) 586-7200 to discuss your needs.

Product Details

  • Adjustable carriage stop design provides faster speeds and case size range
  • No overhead cross members in doorways provides easy access for maintenance
  • Hinged case hold-down plate allows for easy tapehead removal
  • Only five adjustment points with digital indicators means the tapehead and side belts adjust together
  • Positive four-flap system combines rotary actuators and a fixed guide to provide smooth and gradual closing
  • Overall footprint is reduced by eight inches, freeing up valuable floor space
  • Incorporated Piab vacuum generator reduces energy consumption by half
  • Electrical enclosure now with 35 percent more panel space allows for future equipment integration
  • EZ-load walk-in 50-inch powered magazine helps to reduce loading time
  • Positive four-flap closing system offers added convenience
  • Heavy-duty welded steel construction features a lifetime guarantee
  • High speed 2-inch tapehead applies tape with efficiency and precision
  • Servo driven carriage assembly delivers improved productivity
  • Dual belt drive results in more streamlined case indexing
  • AB Panelview C800 Color OIT provides production and diagnostic feedback
  • Self-cleaning vacuum system prevents corrugated dust from building up in vacuum suction cups



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