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Hughes has a variety of customizable capping machines and filling machines for your bottling processes. Our cappers and fillers are fully automatic and capable of filling and capping your products with minimal labor.

Customizable Machinery

Hughes has highly customizable capping and filling machinery to assure that you are getting the ideal piece of equipment for your application. Whether your bottles are large or small, you run one shift a day or are going 24-7, we have capping/filling equipment that can service you. We have cappers and fillers that can be used in any industry, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, household products and many more.

Capping Equipment

Our capping systems were made for precision. The machines will quickly match up the container with the lid and twist them together with the perfect amount of torque. The bottles then get swiftly returned to your packaging line for labeling and packing. The cappers are very versatile and able to handle nearly any amount of work load you throw at them. They can operate at speeds up to 750 containers capped per minute.

Fillers and Filling Systems

We carry a wide range of filling machinery to meet your needs. Our filling systems are top of the line and you have the capability to choose between manual, semi-automatic and automatic. The size of this filling equipment ranges from small, portable table top machines, all the way up to industrial sized liquid filling systems.

Search through our different styles of capping and filling equipment below or contact a Hughes Sales Representative to get help figuring out which option is best for you.