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Bagging Systems

Hughes Enterprises offers a solution for all your automatic and semi-automatic bagging needs. Whether it’s fully Automatic Bagging Systems from Sharp Packaging or table top sealers, Hughes has the right machine for the right job.

Custom Bagging Systems

With a full range of systems available, from semi-automatic machines to complete inline fully automated packaging systems that form, fill and seal, we develop the best system for each industry. Our equipment line includes bagging solutions for businesses that require flexible packaging. Bagging equipment from Hughes will increase throughput and reduce cost by automating your bagging process. We offer easy maintenance and parts that are non-proprietary, available off the shelf from almost any maintenance supplies company. Our 24/7 service technicians are available should there ever be a need.

Bagging Capabilities

Our customers range in size from small, single machine operations to global companies with manufacturing locations across the world. Whether you are using simple polyethylene bags or more complex applications, such as high density mailers, Hughes can design a bagging system to fit your needs. Many of our bagging machines can be equipped with programmable printing heads that will customize your bags for specific needs. We offer bagging systems that allow for vertical or horizontal loading and operate at speeds up to 50 sealed bags per minute, so we are able to fulfill nearly all bagging operations.

Contact a Hughes Sales Representative for more information on how we can help improve your bagging efficiency.