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System Solutions for a Growing Business

Congratulations! You’ve graduated from packaging products in your basement to seeking out a large-scale distribution center with shipping operations that will keep up with increasing demands. What happens now? Now is the time to rethink your processes... Read More

Cosmetic Packaging Made Beautiful

It’s no secret that beauty and fashion trends change rapidly from one season to the next. But as styles and color schemes come and go, certain features of a brand need to remain steady. Customers want brands that have innovation and style, but when... Read More

Less is More: Considerations for Single-Serve Packaging

Consumers want convenience. But they also need value and practicality. For the food & beverage industry, as well as healthcare and personal-care, single-serve packaging is much more than a trend, it’s a lifestyle. The packing experts at Hughes commit... Read More

3 Packaging Mistakes Your Business Could Be Making

We’re not pointing fingers, but if you’re making one of these 3 costly packaging mistakes, you could be driving customers away from your business instead of drawing them in. Take a careful look at these three common packaging mistakes below to ensure... Read More

How will Drone Delivery Impact my Operations?

It may sound like science fiction…but UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) will be delivering packages within the next few years. From Google’s Project Wing to Amazon’s Prime Air, drone delivery is impacting the shipping industry in some significant ways.... Read More

Prevent Distribution and Packaging Hazards

There is one objective: Have your products arrive safely at their destination in good condition while keeping costs low. The challenge is that during transit, your products and all of its protective packaging are up against some pretty harsh and unforgiving... Read More