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Think Outside the Box: Make the Switch from Boxes to Bags

Making the shift to use compact, eco-friendly mailing envelopes for your shipping needs instead of boxes has many advantages. In 2015, FedEx and UPS will be making changes in the way they charge to ship packages. They will both be increasing ground rates as they begin to charge using dimensional pricing instead of based on weight.

Using mailing envelopes to ship will cost less than using boxes because they take up less space.

This move to a dimensional-weight-based pricing scheme is an effort to increase revenue and encourage online retailers to ship using smaller boxes or mailing envelopes. Dimensional weight will be calculated by multiplying the length by width by height of each package (in inches) dividing by the shipping factor number of 166 (for domestic shipments).

Mailing envelopes promote eco-friendly initiatives.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (pdf), containers and packaging accounted for 30% – or 75.2m tons – of total solid waste generated in the US in 2012. To put that into perspective, we discard our own weight in packaging every 30-40 days, on average, according to Stanford University. Hughes strives to continually bring our customers greener products such as our Polyjacket-R. This flatpoly mailer is not only 100% recyclable but made with 50% recycled content. The Polyjacket-Rs are available on a number of stock sizes ideal for clothing, soft goods, documents, parts and pharmaceuticals. Mailing envelopes can reduce the time you spend packing high-volume orders. Mailing envelopes are reliable and tamper-evident with a self-seal adhesive closure system. Their easy-to-load design is fast and efficient and can also prevent repetitive motion injuries among workers.

Mailing envelopes can increase brand awareness.

Get creative and use custom printed bags to give your company’s brand a polished and professional look. Something as simple as adding your logo can turn a plain mailing bag into an eye-catching package- all you need is a little imagination. The Polyjacket-R is available in custom sizes and can be custom printed. Our variety makes Hughes the best choice for one stop shopping at competitive prices. With the upcoming dim weight pricing changes at the end of the year, reducing materials costs as well as maximizing your time and labor is even more important. The right packaging system can meet those objectives and more. Hughes Enterprises Packaging Systems Solutions can assess your current operation and recommend a system unique to your needs and one you can count on for dependability and increased productivity. We service packaging equipment in the Philadelphia region, New Jersey and Delaware. Work with Hughes to re-evaluate your current packaging to minimize the effects of the FedEx upcoming change on January 1, 2015. If you would like to learn more about the shipping and packaging equipment we provide for our customers, contact your Hughes Sales Representative today.

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