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Get Motivated for Spring Cleaning

Are you ready for Spring but dreading the Spring cleaning? Once the temperatures starts to warm up and the snow begins to melt away, we will uncover the damage that winter has caused. Maybe you’ve heard that an office desk can have 400x more bacteria than a toilet seat? (If that’s not reason enough to get cleaning, I don’t know what is!) And according to a recent University of Arizona study, it took just four hours for the germs on a contaminated workplace door to spread to the work surfaces and hands of half the employees in the office (maybe another reason to fist bump instead of handshake). So, since Spring season is known for renewal and regrowth, now is a good time to get pumped up to get your facility clean with a few fresh start tips:

● Go Green with Spring: According to a recent Harris Interactive survey, 84% of U.S. adults prefer to do business with a company that uses environmentally-friendly products and practices. Hughes Enterprises has partnered with Enviro-Solutions to offer more ways to make Green not only work but be rewarding for you as well.

● Focus on Flooring: Winter weather (and salt) results in excessive wear and tear and a dulling of the appearance of flooring. Hughes carries e-clean Floor Cleaner products which are formulated to really clean high gloss floors. With a pH just above neutral it has the alkaline punch to remove soil but not dull the gloss of the finish.

● Freshen Up Restrooms: There’s no denying that daily cleaning helps facility managers maintain restrooms. Despite standard precautions, dirt and bacteria will build-up over time. Implement a deep restroom cleaning this Spring to effectively remove built-up soils. Hughes stocks a large variety of janitorial supplies and cleaners for any company. In addition, specific wash room cleaners, such as acidulated shower cleaners, soap film and calcium removers and whirlpool bowl and urinal cleaners are also available to make your work environment as clean as possible.

● Look Deeper: Don’t be fooled by surfaces that “look clean.” A surface can appear to be clean, but be a haven for germs and pathogens that cannot be seen by the naked eye. The use of a disinfectant or sanitizer on many surfaces is recommended.

A thorough spring cleaning will not only improve the appearance of your facility, but it can also enhance its health as well. Spring cleaning helps ensure that viruses, germs, bacteria, and pathogens spread through a facility during the cold winter months are gone for good. Since the cleanliness of your facility is a direct representation of your business, it is important to keep your facility clean, safe and attractive. Order and buy your facility’s Janitorial Supplies from Hughes. For help with ordering janitorial supplies contact a Hughes sales representative for assistance.

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