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Will the New Dim Weight Shipping Rates Affect Your Business?

We’re well into 2015 and the dim weight shipping changes are in full effect. If you’re trying to find ways to ease the impact from the new dimensional weight rates imposed by UPS and FedEx, you’ve come to the right place. The newly imposed dimensional weight pricing takes into account package density, or the amount of space a package takes up, in relation to its actual weight. Industry experts warn many small firms are unprepared and could pay up to 50 percent more for shipping. Many businesses consider shipping to be a part of their lifelines and have had to make some changes. We provide the solution at Hughes. With many alternative ways to ship your products, we can help your business to reduce the impact of cost increases that you might be seeing.

Below are a few tips to help your business through this new dimensional weight pricing structure so you’re not caught off guard with unexpected charges to your invoice.

  • Do the math and compare your shipping costs from last year for each package with the future costs over a year’s time. Calculating dimensional rates requires you to calculate both the size and actual weight of a package. Use a dimensional weight calculator to find out exactly how to calculate the dimensional weight for ground shipping or reference our earlier blog post.
  • Diversify your shipping solutions. You might not be able to continue to ship all of your packages by just one carrier! Evaluate other shipping services such as USPS, FedEx and UPS.
  • Negotiate with these different carriers to find the best option for your shipping needs.
  • Evaluate your company’s packaging to see whether reducing package size and excess packaging materials can lower your shipping costs.
  • Toss the “One Size Fits All”, out the window! Now, the need to have the proper sized Corrugated Cardboard Shipping Boxes for each product you sell is more important than ever.
  • Think outside the box and consider the use of mailing envelopes to reduce your shipping size (and reduce material costs).

Work with Hughes to re-evaluate your packaging to minimize the effects of the dim weight shipping rates. Start by ordering your own custom corrugated boxes from Hughes. For help choosing the best corrugated cardboard boxes and packaging for your needs contact a Hughes sales representative today. We also specialize in custom packaging types including telescoping boxes, automatic erected boxes, retail-ready packaging, corrugated wraps, two-piece boxes, jumbo boxes, and folding cartons.

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