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Should you switch from cardboard boxes to mailers?

The scene of a cardboard box being delivered and perched on a porch is quickly changing – more packages are being delivered, but they are not coming in the traditional cardboard boxes. Many companies have decided to trade in the cardboard boxes for envelope... Read More

5 Trends Taking Over Packaging This Year

The rapid pace of technological advancements has been hugely impactful for the packaging industry over the past few decades. Packaging is an industry that is often misperceived as a static industry, with little changes over time. This could not be further... Read More

Fact or Fiction in Industrial Packaging

In today’s world we are forced to sort through conflicting information when it comes to just about any subject. A simple Google search can bring up the contradictory information for many of the most important topics. There are several reoccurring themes... Read More

11 Questions People Ask About Packaging

Packaging is one of the number one consumables in the world. Every product needs multiple layers of packaging, combined with the number of businesses producing and distributing products, equals a growing need for packaging products. With popularity comes... Read More