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Commitment to the Environment

Dedicated to the success of our customers and our planet

In an industry relying on the use of natural materials, we are conscious of the toll our processes take on the planet. Millions of tons of corrugated boxes are distributed each year, along with the energy, transportation and environmentally-dependent resources required to get them to their final destinations. To help minimize this impact, Hughes Enterprises is constantly thinking of innovative new processes and technologies for long-term sustainability.

We know this commitment doesn’t mean much without actions to support it. That’s why we’ve put processes in place to research new technologies, employ leaders in environmental packaging and encourage the use of recyclable, renewable resources. It takes dedication at every level of our organization to ensure sustainability, not just today, but long into the future.

Sustainable solutions

Interested in reducing your carbon footprint? We can help make your packaging green and your facility more sustainable:

  • Ask about your options for recyclable tapes, corrugated materials and post-consumer plastics. These materials are cost effective and eco-friendly.
  • Energy-efficient equipment and machinery can help cut down on the water, lighting and electricity needed to power your packaging line.
  • Get more use out of returnable packaging products, such as plastic corrugated, reusable mailers and auto bottom boxes.
  • Right size packaging and fiber reduction helps to reduce waste and lower shipping costs without compromising integrity.

Contact us to learn more about our initiatives to improve efficiency, reduce emissions and learn about sustainable practices.

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