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Tach It Twist Tie Machines

Hughes Enterprises has a long standing relationship with the World’s largest Manufacturer of manual and semi-automatic twist tie machinery and materials, Ben Clements and Sons. Our product line of twist tie materials include; standard plastic/plastic and paper/plastic twist tie ribbon, industrial and decorative twist tie ribbons, and our exclusive Polycore non-metallic twist tie ribbon.


MODEL #3567: Twist Tie Machine

Tach It Twist Tie Machine - Model #3567 The most technologically advanced twist tie machine in the world is the tach-it model #3567. This state of the art machine does not utilize a reciprocating arm eliminating jams and allows for an easy straight line ribbon feed. Simple to use and requiring no tools for spool changeovers, the model #3567 is constructed of all steel components for long life, has a ½" tying capacity, uses an economical 3" piece of twist tie material per closure (that is 25% less than competitive machines), and uses all standard, decorative, and tach-it’s exclusive polycore non-metallic twist tie materials.

Capable of tying up to 50 bags per minute, the superior design and compact size of this twister has made it perfect for all applications including; bakery, industrial, wire harnessing, and food service.

Dimensions: length-21", width-7", height-12", weight-16 lbs tying capacity-1/2" diameter, operating speed-50 per minute power: 110 volt (220v available)


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MODEL #3570: Twist Tie Machine

Tach It Twist Tie Machine - Model #3570 The tach-it model #3570 is the perfect twist tie machine for larger bags or for applications where variable tying diameters are necessary. Adjustable tying diameters from ¼" to 1 3/8" allows this machine to be used for a variety of products including bags, small coils, hanks, bundles, and on most products where a twist tie closure is desired. 

Manufactured with the finest components, this machine requires no tools to make tying adjustments, has separate adjustments for tying diameter and ribbon length, and requires no operator training prior to use. The model #3570 uses 5/32" wide twist tie ribbon including our exclusive tach-it polycore, non-metallic twist tie ribbon.

Dimensions: length – 24", width – 6", height – 11", weight – 26 lbs tying capacity – ¼" - 1 3/8" adjustable, operating speed – 40/min power: 110 volt (220v available)


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MODEL #3510: Twist Tie Machine

Fully portable and extremely lightweight, the Tach-It Model #3510 Hand-Held Twist Tie Machine can go wherever its needed and has a multitude of uses and applications. This easy to use machine offers full day productivity while avoiding carpel tunnel syndrome and repetitive motion injuries from hand twist tying. Unlike stationary twist tie machines the Model #3510 can be used anywhere including; inside of a box, crate or barrel to seal a bag or liner, in the fields to stake agricultural products and vines such as tomatoes and grapes, can bundle hangers together for the laundry and dry cleaners, and is small enough to go into machines and coilers to secure wire harnesses and cables. Able to tie products and bags up to 1 3/8” in diameter this versatile unit has a fully accessible extended front tying aperture, an easy squeeze trigger and an LED Indicator to show battery life and the number of twists which is adjustable by the push of a button. The protective enclosure for the ribbon spool keeps the twist tie material controlled and clean during the tying process and ribbon spool changes are quick and easy with no operator training or tools necessary. Kit Includes:Model # 3510 Twist Tie Machine, 2 Battery Packs, Battery Charger—110 to 250 Volt AC, Shoulder Strap, Protective Enclosure for Ribbon Spool, Carry Case, Instruction Manual. 

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