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Packaging Materials and Supplies:

Hughes Enterprises is pleased to offer you a wide variety of packaging materials, supplies and equipment to fulfill any and all of your shipping and packaging needs – regardless of your company’s size.

Packaging Equipment and Machines:

Production and shipping in today’s modern plant is the breeding ground for a variety of packaging equipment and machines. It is the goal of any company to ensure their product arrives on time and damage free.


Hughes is dedicated to serving its customers long after the sale of its packaging equipment and machines. We offer emergency repair service on various types of packaging...


Hughes Enterprises' reputation for quality, on-time service is unsurpassed. Hughes will custom tailor a planned maintenance program to detect worn parts before they fail.

Packaging Equipment and Machines:

The production and shipping area in today’s modern plant is the breeding ground for a variety of packaging equipment and machines. It is the goal of any company to insure their product arrives on time and damage free. Hughes Enterprises specializes in designing and implementing proper packaging equipment solutions in such areas as void fill, cushioning, case sealers, case erectors, gummed tape dispensers, strapping machines, stretch wrappers, labeling equipment, case packing, packaging adhesives and shrink wrap machines.


Who We Are:

Hughes Enterprises is a leading provider of packaging and sanitary supplies, packaging equipment and the support services needed to install and optimally maintain it. Headquartered in Trenton NJ, Hughes has ten regional sales offices to fulfill the needs of our customers. Working very closely with each of our customers, Hughes strives to find the right solution for your packaging needs. Providing top of the line service for over 60 years, Hughes consistently earns high marks from our customers for meeting and exceeding their expectations everyday.


Recent News

Don’t Get Boxed In: 4 Reasons to Choose Custom Corrugated Boxes

Posted on Monday 22nd June, 2015

Looking for ways to reduce the cost of packaging and shipping without sacrificing protection of your precious products? Corrugated packing supplies are the way to go! Designed to be very strong and durable, they are one of the most common and safest packing material used in pretty much any industry including electrical equipment, glass items, [...]

Corrugated Cardboard throughout History

Posted on Thursday 18th June, 2015

Cardboard boxes are industrially prefabricated boxes, primarily used for packaging goods and materials. Cardboard boxes do not have a fluted inner layer like a corrugated container does. A corrugated shipping container is one type of cardboard box that is a combined paper-based material consisting of a fluted corrugated medium and one or two flat linerboards. [...]

Storopack: An Alternative to Flowable Packaging

Posted on Monday 15th June, 2015

Void fill is important to protect your product throughout the packaging and shipping processes. Cushioning materials will only work well if the correct one is used for the intended purpose. Void fill products can be miss understood and misused…often leading to damaged goods. Loose fill products such as foam peanuts, also known as flowable packaging [...]

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